Imagine... No More Breaking Shells! Now your tacos won't turn into 'taco salads' before you can even eat them!
Whether you're making tacos for yourself, or a bunch of taco lovers,
TacoProper® taco holders work great.
TacoProper® Taco Holder

TacoProper® Taco Holder

TacoProper's patented "taco-snugging"™ design actually prevents shell breakage while you prepare, serve, and eat tacos!
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Anyone who has ever struggled to make homemade tacos knows that they are not easy to make, serve, or even eat without falling apart! The fact is that taco shells usually BREAK APART as you try to fill them. Then, the shells that do survive the filling process DUMP OVER AND SPILL OUT THE FILLINGS- before you can even top them off and serve them. And, perhaps most frustrating is that fact that ALL TACO SHELLS OF ANY BRAND USUALLY FALL APART WHEN YOU EAT THEM!

Well, not any more! Thanks to the amazing and ingenious TacoProper® Taco Holder! This product is designed to work perfectly with any standard or 'supersize' boxed taco shells. They INDIVIDUALLY support a taco shell so that the shell does not fall apart during filling. Then, they hold each shell upright so you can easily top them off before serving them. And finally- because the patented single taco-snugging design supports each filled taco shell they ACTUALLY PREVENT SHELL BREAKAGE DURING EATING! This is simply something a taco rack of any kind cannot do because a rack is only helpful during preparation and serving. TacoProper® Taco Holders remove the limitation of taco racks of any kind.

"You won't believe how nice it is to be able to PREPARE, SERVE, AND THEN ACTUALLY EAT TACOS WITHOUT THE SHELLS FALLING APART! It's simply amazing, and amazingly simple. Perfect form and function in one great little kitchen helper. A truly revolutionary way to make, serve and eat UNBROKEN tacos. You will love them. We guarantee it!"

  • Works great for fast and easy preparation, serving, AND EATING of perfect, unbroken, undumped tacos, everytime!

  • UNLIKE ALL THOSE BULKY TACO "RACKS" of all kinds, TacoProper® single taco holders CAN BE USED RIGHT ON THE PLATE!

  • UNLIKE TACO "RACKS"- Whether you are making tacos for four or forty- TacoProper® Taco Holders work great! Make up and serve as many tacos as you need.

  • TacoProper® Taco Holders are a SUPER VALUE. Each FiestaPak™ is the equivalent of 3-6 old-fashioned, limited function, taco racks!

  • TacoProper® Taco Holders are extremely durable, dishwasher safe, colorful, fun and easy to use.

  • TacoProper® Taco Holders store easily when not in use! Just store them in a Zip Seal bag in your utensil drawer.

  • Great for taco parties. Why not take advantage of the Double or Triple FiestaPak™ Pack deal below and throw a taco party... or keep one FiestaPak for yourself and surprise someone with a great little gift!

  • Proudly made and packaged IN THE USA. The vast majority of products in the housewares category today are made and packaged in China. Help support US manufacturers!

Click here to see a short demonstration of this amazing kitchen helper!
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Click here to see the Chipotle Turkey Tacos Recipe Film!
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Here's what you get in each TacoProper® Taco Holder FiestaPak™

TacoProper™ taco holders truly are "the fast and easy way to make, serve and eat UNBROKEN tacos... every time!™" The TacoProper® FiestaPak™ includes twelve (12) TacoProper® Taco Holders in four bright, festive colors. The FiestaPak comes with instructions on making the best UNBROKEN tacos you have ever eaten. TacoProper® Taco Holders are extremely durable, dishwasher safe, colorful, fun and easy to use. Plus, unlike those old fashioned "taco racks" they are easy to store in a drawer (in a zip lock bag). Save $9.99 by ordering the TacoProper® Triple FiestaPak™- a great way to have one FiestaPak for yourself PLUS a couple of taco loving friends or relatives. Makes a great birthday gift or Holiday Stocking Stuffer!

TacoProper® FiestaPak™
12 multi-colored TacoProper® taco holders

TacoProper® 4-Pack
4 TacoProper® taco holders, red only.<

How to order TacoProper® taco holders...

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TacoProper® FiestaPak™
Special Online Price!
$9.99 -----
TacoProper® FiestaPak™ Double Pack
Order two (2) FiestaPaks and Save $5.00!
Plus- Ships via Priority Mail*.
$16.98 -----
TacoProper® FiestaPak™ Triple Pack
Get (3) FiestaPaks and Save $9.99!
Plus- Ships via Priority Mail*.
$22.98 -----
* Domestic US Shipments Only

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