TacoProper® taco holder Counterfeit Warning

The TacoProper® taco holder is only made in the USA. We do not make our product in China. The product and all of the components of our product including the packaging is made in America and has always been US made.

Unfortunately, because of the popularity of our great little product, there are numerous online sellers who are selling counterfeit TacoProper taco holders.

Counterfeit product is being sold to online sellers who are buying counterfeit product made in China but shipping it from a US location. The counterfeiter many times has even copied packaging but removed the US Flag, and TacoProper Company address, and UPC code from the packaging (See photo of counterfeit product and packaging below.)

BELOW ARE IMAGES OF GENUINE TacoProper taco holders. Genuine TacoProper taco holders have the TacoProper name on the inside bottom of the holder, and also on each side of the holder. Genuine TacoProper taco holders are made only in Red, Yellow, Purple, and Green as shown below.

Genuine TacoProper® taco holders have a US Patent Office trademarked name and shape. They are designed to hold shells to prevent shell breakage when filling and serving standard shaped* hard taco shells. (*Note- they are not designed to work with square bottom shells.)

Genuine TacoProper® taco holders are made with FDA approved material and colorant that is approved for contact with food. Our product is also BPA free, and does not contain heavy metals or other harmful contaminants. Most importantly- the genuine product is safe for your family and it works! Click Here To See It Work

Counterfeit TacoProper Taco Holder shown below

The counterfeit TacoProper® taco holders shown in the photo above are made in China. They are not made by the TacoProper Company. The counterfeit product is malformed and too narrow to hold boxed taco shells. Also, the counterfeit product is not made in the same colors as genuine TacoProper taco holders. The counterfeit product is not made with the same FDA approved materials and colorants that genuine TacoProper® taco holders are made with.

Don’t be fooled. Buy GENUINE TacoProper taco holders- only made in the USA. If you suspect that a seller may be selling a counterfeit, contact us using our CONTACT FORM and we can tell you if the product is counterfeit and where you can buy GENUINE TacoProper taco holders.

Thank you for supporting American innovation, intellectual property rights, and JOBS!

Dale Hunt
Inventor & Owner
TacoProper Company LLC