Handy Taco Tips!


    Always warm your taco shells to get them nice and crunchy. Here’s a great idea our founder came up with years ago on how to keep taco shells from closing up while warming in the oven. Just place the shells upside down- so they look like Christmas trees on a cookie and slip them into the oven. P.S… Don’t worry if the taco shells “rock” a little on the sheet on the way into the oven.


    TacoProper taco holders make it easy to handle hot shells right out oven- without burning your fingers! Remove the cookie sheet from the oven. Then simply slip each warm & crunchy shell into a TacoProper taco holder! Then set it aside for quick and easy filling!


    When you fill your crunchy warmed shells in TacoProper® taco holders you can really pack the fillings in without breaking the shells! This is one of the most loved, and coolest benefits of the TacoProper taco holder! Fill warmed shells in a TacoProper taco holder with a small spoon over the pan, or if you prefer, set your warmed shells aside in TacoProper taco holders and then fill and top off each taco. Perfect!

  • Curing “SBS”- (Stubborn Burrito Syndrome)

    Conventional wisdom says to keep a burrito from unrolling, place them with the rolled flap side down on the plate. A customer mentioned that they used their TacoProper taco holders to help keep their rolled up homemade burritos from unrolling while they warmed them in the microwave to melt the cheese inside. We loved their creativity and tried it on our bacon, egg & cheese breakfast burritos. It worked great. Awesome tip! Makes cute burritos, too.

  • Like extra cheesy tacos? Try this tip!

    With TacoProper taco holders you can melt your favorite cheese on the bottom of traditional shaped, crunchy taco shells! First warm your taco shells in the oven to get them nice and crunchy. Then place your favorite cheese into the bottom of the taco shell, and microwave for a few seconds until the cheese is melted.

  • Super cool desert tacos?


    This creative, and tasty recipe was created by Dave Derr for the Al La Carte class at the The Art Institutes International In Kansas City. Dave tells us: “We called it “El Tacone.” We made a dessert taco using a waffle cone shell, filled it with vanilla ice cream & candied nuts.”

    Shell Ingredients: 1 egg, 1 egg white, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 oz melted butter, 2/3 cup flour, dash salt

    1. In electric mixer, beat eggs & salt until light & fluffy
    2. Add sugar & continue beating until lightened
    3. Add flour & beat until there are not lumps
    4. Add melted butter
    5. Heat waffle iron, spray generously with pan spray
    6. Press a small scoop of batter between iron about 1 minute
    7. Quickly, cut with circle cutter & fold over a taco shell mold
    8. Repeat until batter is gone
    9. Coat insides of shells with tempered white chocolate
    10 Pipe with vanilla ice cream
    11. Roll ends in chopped, dragged macadamia nuts
    12. Freeze until served