FAVORITE QUOTE   “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.” ― Steve Jobs

COMPANY MISSION     The TacoProper® Company mission is to save money and frustration for hard shell taco lovers by preventing shell breakage while filling crispy shells, and to make it fast and easy to prepare and serve perfect UNBROKEN tacos every time. ― Dale Hunt, Innovator

The TacoProper Company

Dedicated to delighting taco lovers


The TacoProper Company  is a privately held company headquartered in California. Our product is a true rarity in the “kitchen gadget” product category because we make and package the product 100% in the USA. The company’s founder invented the TacoProper taco holder to overcome the frustrations he faced when making tacos that either cracked and fell apart as they were being filled, or dumped over before he could serve or eat them. His personal frustration led to his inventing the first single taco holder device to provide a total solution to the problems faced when making and serving traditional shaped, boxed, tacos at home.

The key unique feature of the invention is its innovative SINGLE TACO HOLDING design that actually prevents shell breakage while filling the shell. Additionally, unlike old-fashioned taco “racks” of all kinds, the product is used for both preparation and serving of tacos, and can be used right on the plate!

Unlike old-fashioned, and limited taco racks of all kinds the TacoProper taco holder also enables microwave use following the company’s instructions. The product saves time, money, and frustration when making and serving traditional shaped crunchy homemade tacos.

Sales of the company’s product have grown organically. The TacoProper Company does not do any commercial advertising and relies solely on customer recommendations. We truly appreciate your support of small companies making the commitment to create, manufacture, and sell innovative, helpful products made in the USA.

TacoProper taco holders are fun and easy to use! Moms, Dads, and their kids love making UNBROKEN homemade tacos with TacoProper taco holders. But don’t take our word for it… check out some actual customer comments, and view a 2-minute product demo.

TacoProper taco holders are made with FDA approved, non-BPA materials, and are engineered and designed to be extremely durable, easy to use, easy to store between uses, and dishwasher safe.

The TacoProper taco holder is sold in independent and chain housewares stores, numerous online e-commerce sites, and over 70 Bed Bath & Beyond retail stores. The TacoProper Company has sold its handy kitchen helper to taco lovers across the United States, and to customers in Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Norway, and the United Kingdom. We hope to add you to our growing list of delighted customers!

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