It’s time to dump those limited taco “racks.”

Start making and enjoying traditional crunchy homemade tacos the way really want them – UNBROKEN, fast and easy to make and serve.


  • PREVENTS TACO SHELL BREAKAGE while filling and eating tacos!

  • Props INDIVIDUAL TACO SHELLS UP for easy preparation and serving!

  • Unlike taco “racks”- TacoProper taco holders can be used right on the plate!

  • Allows you to color code your tacos! Red for hot, yellow for mild, etc…

  • Works great with all traditional shaped boxed taco shells!

  • Microwave and dishwasher safe. Instructions & helpful taco tips included.

  • Easy to store and clean!

  • Made In USA. Please beware of counterfeits. Click here for details

  • NO BPA

  • Durable. High quality. Made to last! If you break the TacoProper taco holder in normal usage, just email us a photo of your broken TacoProper taco holder along with your address, and we will send you a replacement at no cost to you! [Mailing limited to US Domestic address only]