Sudden Relief For Taco Lovers!

The TacoProper® taco holder has saved millions of shells from cracking, dumping,
and falling apart before they can even be eaten.
Stop the frustration and waste. Make yourself and the family happy and
enjoy taco night again.

A few places to purchase TacoProper® taco holders

How to buy TacoProper taco holders locally!

May we ask a favor? At this time TacoProper taco holders may not be available in your local area. But, that’s where you can help. If you would like to see our product available in your favorite local housewares gadget store, just print out our contact page, give it to the store manager, and ask them to please contact us to discuss making our great little kitchen helper available in their store!

Oh… and please remember to ask them to help you support companies who make and sell products made in America! Be sure you buy TacoProper taco holders, THE ORIGINAL SINGLE TACO HOLDER with the patented shell saving design!

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