Gallery of Fun Taco Stuff

TacoProper® Extreme Sports Gallery- Black Diamond Blitz

You’ve gotta hand it to this TacoProper® taco holder. Proof that bravery has nothing to do with size. This is a photo taken just before setting wild abandon free in a heart thumping, adrenaline pumping blitz down this black diamond run. BTW-­‐ we think a new speed record may have been set. We’re still waiting […]

TacoProper® Extreme Sports Gallery-­ “Little Kahuna”

It’s not every day that you see this! Right? You know, the kind of raw guts in the face of a potential total wipeout. Well, here we see a TacoProper® taco holder braving the elements, choosing to put itself in harms way, and thumbing its’ nose (figuratively of course because it doesn’t have a […]

Traveling TacoProper® Gallery-­ Hawaiian delight!

Be sure to take your TacoProper taco holders with you on vacation For example, if you go to Hawaii, use local ingredients to make yummy homemade fish tacos. Top ‘em off with diced mangoes for the perfect Hawaiian delight.

Traveling TacoProper® Gallery-­ Napa Spectacular

After touring wine country why not sit outside, kick back, and enjoy some fabulous homemade tacos while you soak in the beauty of Napa valley?

Traveling TacoProper® Gallery-­ Catching Rays

Even tacos deserve their “day in the sun.” Especially those who have managed not to fall apart while being filled. (Thanks to TacoProper taco holders.) Well deserved little taco, well deserved!

TacoProper® taco holder chipotle turkey tacos-­ YUM

Joyful, festive, fast ‘n easy homemade tacos. Try using ground turkey-­‐ it’s leaner than most fillings and really absorbs the seasonings for really tasty, healthy, homemade tacos. Watch how to make chipotle turkey tacos-­‐ here!

TacoProper® taco holder motto “Dumping Prohibited!”

We couldn’t have said it better! Nobody really enjoys tacos that dump, break or fall apart. Of course you can always scoop up shell fragments and attempt to ignore your disappointment… but we like to think UNBROKEN is the “proper way” to enjoy homemade tacos (pun very much intended).

TacoProper® start to a perfect homemade taco night!

Having great prep and serving tools and ideas really helps make taco night more fun! Some of our customers tell us they ‘pre-­‐ make’ tacos for everyone and serve them up topped off or “finished.” Others set bowls of fillings on the table along with a plate of warmed crunchy shells right out of […]

TacoProper® 4th of July Fried Corn “Taco Dogs.”

Almost everyone has heard of “corn dogs” right? Well, in the spirit of extreme “culinary boldness, and adventure” we tried frying up some corn tortillas and… yes… instead of filling the shell with turkey, chicken, or beef, or beans, or squash, or whatever-­‐ uh-­‐ yup, we filled the fried corn shell with a perfectly […]

TacoProper® heirloom tomato tacos

When you make your homemade tacos during the summer, be sure to use heirloom tomatoes when at the peak of ripeness. Honestly, they add so much flavor that you may want to just skip the meat and fill your crunchy shells with lettuce cheese and heirloom tomatoes. Oh-­‐ it’s OK to use your TacoProper® […]

Common TacoProper® tacos-­ perfect!

If you’re like most people you hate working hard to make crunchy, homemade tacos only to have them dump over or fall apart before you can even eat them-­‐ OR, (WORSE YET!) right when you take your first bite. You can now get INSTANT RELIEF from the waste and frustration-­‐ without switching to those […]

Common homemade tacos (dumped or broken)

Unfortunately, dumped or broken is an accurate description of most homemade tacos. For hard shell taco lovers, traditional crunchy taco shells are the preferred choice since they are easier to eat than those square bottom shells that take about twice as much to fill. So, if you care about cost-­‐per-­‐taco, and want to help […]