TacoProper® start to a perfect homemade taco night!

Project Description

Having great prep and serving tools and ideas really helps make taco night more fun! Some of our customers tell us they ‘pre-­‐ make’ tacos for everyone and serve them up topped off or “finished.” Others set bowls of fillings on the table along with a plate of warmed crunchy shells right out of the oven, and let each taco lover make their own “personalized” tacos. (See our handy tip on removing hot shells from the oven on our TIPS page.) Anyway, however you make your crunchy homemade tacos-­‐ it’s great to be able to make and enjoy them unbroken. Hey, check out our TacoProper® FiestaPak™ -­‐ you can color code your tacos-­‐ red for “hot,” green for “veggie,” etc. Very cool.